Way Station offers Day Habilitation, Community Employment (Supported Employment) and Residential Services in Frederick MD that are specifically designed to meet the special needs of adults with co-occurring mental illness and an intellectual/developmental disabilities as well as adults with a sole diagnosis of an intellectual/developmental disability. Programs are funded by the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and/or the Public Mental Health system. Staff are trained in all COMAR required DDA trainings but also receive Way Station’s specialized trainings to support people with behavioral health needs.

Pathways Day and Community Employment (Supported Employment) Programs

  • Highly-specialized program geared to individuals with very challenging needs
  • Individualized Supported Employment Services
  • Community Based Activities and Events
  • Transportation and Meals Provided

Sojourn Residential Rehabilitation Program

  • Specialized Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) in Frederick MD that is designed to meet the needs of adults with significant impairments and challenges┬áthat traditional RRP programs lack because of insufficient structure.
  • For individuals that meet the Public Mental Health criteria and are ISS eligible for DDA services
  • Integrated Rehabilitation teams provide services at a frequency and intensity that meet each person’s individual needs

Odyssey Residential Program

  • Single Family Homes throughout the Frederick community
  • Services and environments are adapted to meet each person’s individual needs
  • For individuals that are DD eligible and approved for residential services by DDA
  • Fully integrated rehab teams that include behavioral health supports, nursing services, and community providers.

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