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Principles of MI

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Motivation for Change

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Committing to Change

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Welcome Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction MISC
Navigation interface Stages of change Principles of Motivational Interviewing Traps Hazards Exercise 1
Course Structure Ambivalence Resistance to change Methods for Building Motivation Strengthening Commitment Exercise 2
Summary Ethics Evoking Change Talk Negotiating a Change Plan Knowledge Review
Exercise 1 FAQ Responding to Change Talk FAQ
Exercise 2 Summary Responding to Resistance Summary
Self Test Exercise 1 Enhancing Confidence Exercise 1
Exercise 2 FAQ Exercise 2
Exercise 3 Summary Knowledge Review
    Self Test Exercise 1    
      Exercise 2    
      Exercise 3    
      Exercise 4    
      Exercise 5    
      Exercise 6    
      Exercise 7    
      Exercise 8    
      Self Test