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Lesson III: Building Motivation for Change

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Exercise 3: Reflective Listening

Reflective listening is a key motivational interviewing skill.  For each of your clientís statements below, select the best reflective listening response.

Review Reflective Listening

  1. My wife keeps nagging me to quit smoking. She knew I smoked when she married me. I  just want her to get off my back.

a) But, can you see her point?

b) You donít like your wife nagging you, do you?

c) Your wifeís nagging bothers you, and you think she is being unreasonable.

d) Why does your wifeís nagging bother you so much?

  1. People donít really understand the stress I am under at work. I have a lot of responsibility. Smoking a little pot when I get home helps me unwind. My husband is just being paranoid. The kids wonít find out, and I can handle it. Itís not a big deal.    

a) Why do you think your husband is worried?
 Your husbandís concern upsets you. 
 Does your husbandís concern upset you? 

d) What would happen if your children found out?

  1. I wish my parents wouldnít be so suspicious. It really makes me mad. I donít really drink that much or that often. Some of the kids I hang around with drink all the time. My parents should be glad I am not like them.

a) It bothers you some that your parents donít trust you.
 You think your parents are way out of line when it comes to your drinking.
) Itís none of your parentís business what you do with your friends.
How much are you drinking in a weekend?

  1. Sure, I look at other women, so what? All men do. Iím not asking them for their phone numbers, but she gets jealous and goes into a rage. Sometimes I have to get physical to shut her up, then she calls the cops and itís all on me. That ainít right, man.             

a) You think itís ok to push your wife around?
 You shouldnít get physical with your wife even if she is out of line.
 Why do you look at other women?
You like to look at other women and you think your wifeís jealousy and anger are out of line.

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